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    Lovely to look at, good to eat

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    Certified gluten-free products

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    Lovely to look at, good to eat


    Your gluten-free bakery


    Lovely to look at, good to eat

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Bakery products

Traditional and artisan gluten-free recipes

Pane Senzaglutine
Pane Senzaglutine1
Pane Senzaglutine2
Arancini Senza Glutine
Arancini Senza Glutine2
Arancini Senza Glutine3
Cornetti Glufree
Cornetti Glufree2
Dolci Senzaglutine 2
Dolci Senzaglutine
Espresso Glufree
Muffin Senza Glutine
Pizza Senza Glutine
Pizza Senza Glutine3
Rosticceria Senza Glutine
Torte Senzaglutine2
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Dolci Senza Glutine 5
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Sweet and savoury

Sweet and savoury

Glu Free offers a large and original range of products. All the products on the counter are gluten-free, lovely to look at and good to eat.
The bread, freshly baked every day, is skilfully made by expert hands and has the most delicious aroma you’ve ever smelled!
The delicatessen offers typical regional recipes: Sicilian arancini in six different flavours, the ‘Parigina’-style pizza from Naples, ordinary pizzas and focaccia.
And then there are the cakes and pastries to devour with your eyes: a blaze of colours and flavours, with cakes and tarts made with top quality ingredients such as ricotta and pistachios from Sicily.

Artisan bakery

Glu Free is an artisan bakery with exclusive baking processes and highly specialized professional skills, that stocks its own sales outlets in Milan.
Glu Free guarantees its products because it creates them, mixes them and bakes them all itself. The work starts with scrupulous research and careful selection of ingredients and raw materials, all strictly gluten-free certified. Glu free is a member of the national AIC (Italian Coeliac Disease Association) circuit.

  • Laboratorio Artigianale
  • Laboratorio
  • Dolci

Tasty, traditional and artisan

Freshly baked and gluten-free

  • Bread

    Freshly baked, with a delicious aroma, artisan-made by bakers specially trained in gluten-free dough making and mixing techniques.
  • Arancini

    Available in six fantastic flavours, like the classic Sicilian ones with meat sauce or the Neapolitan ones with sausage and friarielli (broccoli rabe).
  • Cafè

    Lattes and cappuccinos including lactose-free. And above all the Vegan corner with fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.
  • Pastries

    Traditional regional pastries with an imaginative twist. The freshest ingredients, such as ricotta and pistachios from Sicily. Gluten-free has never been so tasty.

Opening times

Via Curtatone, 6

Monday - Saturday:
Open all day
from 9 am to 6 pm

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